Jitka Hosprová symbolizes the contemporary dynamic rendition of classical music. Her passion for the viola makes audiences take notice of this overlooked instrument, explores fascinating viola literature and inspires composers to write new works of music.

Jitka studied at the Pilsen Conservatoire and graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under the tutelage of doc. Jan Pěruška. After completing her studies, she took her viola play to perfection thanks to the guidance of Italian viola virtuoso Luigi Alberto Bianchi. During her studies, Jitka gained valuable international experience and received several significant awards both as soloist and as chamber music player. A founder member of the Bennewitz quartet, Jitka worked under the guidance of several world-famous quartets – Amadeus Quartet, Alban Berg Quartet, Smetana Quartet, and others. In 1999, she crowned the collaboration with a CD recorded in association with the L. Janáček, H. Krása and Pavel Haas quartets. The high qualities of her chamber music performance make her a frequent guest player in leading Czech quartets – Janáček Quartet, Wihan Quartet, Martinů Quartet, Epoque Quartet, Apollon Quartet. Together with harpist Kateřina Englichová and Luxembourg flautist Carlo Jans, she founded the Bohemia Luxembourg Trio in 2005, giving concerts all over Europe and releasing 2 CDs. Recently, Jitka has expanded the range of her chamber music projects, starting the Grand Duo with Italian violinist Maurizio Sciaretta, and the Pragart Trio with mezzo-soprano Eva Garajová and pianist Ivo Kahánek.

As a soloist, she has performed at various world-class music festivals – Présences, Rheingau Sommer, Kulturtage Dresden, Prague Spring, Prague Autumn, Český Krumlov, Moravian Autumn, Smetana’s Litomyšl , Dvořák Prague, March Music Days in Ruse, Santander, and others. She has given solo concerts in London, Vienna, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Brazil, Washington D.C., and New York. She has played in most European countries.

Jitka has performed on dozens of recordings and live concerts for Czech and French radio broadcasts. Many viola compositions were played in Czech or world premiere by her. Composers Zdeněk Lukáš, Jiří Teml, Josef Vejvoda, Emil Viklický, Lukáš Hurník, Eduard Douša, Adam Skoumal, Tomaž Svete and Gillaume Connesson dedicated their pieces to her. Jitka releases her CDs on Supraphon, Arco Diva and Multisonic labels.

Jitka Hosprová has performed with leading Czech and world orchestras – Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra ORF, Orchestre National de Lorrain, Orchestre de Pau, France Chamber Orchestra, Orchestre Anthanor Rome, Curitiba Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic, Belgian Philharmonic, Brno Philharmonic, Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, The Czech Philharmonic Collegium, and many others. Jitka has shared the stage with prominent musicians and singers – Luigi Alberto Bianchi, Mario Hossen, Václav Hudeček, Ivan Ženatý, Štefan Margita, Adam Skoumal, Dante Millozzi, Eric le Sage, Jitka Čechová, Lubomír Brabec, and with distinguished conductors – Vladimir Ashkenazy, Elli Jaffe-Israel, Bertrand de Billy – UK, Jacques Mercier – FR, Rastislav Štúr, Massimiliano Matesic, Leoš Svárovský, Ondřej Kukal, Gian Luigi Zampieri, and others.

Jitka is the founder and director of Walking in Art music festival.

She plays a Czech-made viola by Petr Zdražil from 2012.


Repertoire for viola and orchestra

Bach J. Ch.Concerto In C Minor For Viola And Orchestra
Bartok B.Concerto For Viola And Orchestra, Op. 120
Berlioz H.Harold En Italie, Op. 16
Bodorová S.Plankty Passion Plays For Viola And Orchestrabern Concerto For Violin, Viola And Strings
Britten B.Lachrymae For Viola And Strings
Kančeli G.Styx For Viola, Choir And Orchestra
Colemann J.Three Meditations On Compassion For Viola, Violin And Chamber Orchestra
Connesson G.Constellations For Viola And Orchestra
Feld J.Concerto For Viola And Orchestraconcerto For Flute, Viola, Harp And Strings
Flosman O.Vision Di Michelangelo For Viola And Orchestra
Forshyth C.Concerto In G Minor For Viola And Orchestra
Haydn M.Concerto For Viola, Cembalo (Harpsichord) And Strings
Hindemith P.Der Schwanendreher
Trauer Music
Kalabis V.Tristium – For Viola And Strings
Lukáš Z.Concerto For Viola And Orchestraquis Potes Dicere For Soprano, Viola And Strings
Martinů B.Rhapsody Concerto For Viola And Orchestra
Mozart W.A.Symphonie Concertante For Violin, Viola
Piazzolla A.
By Gian Luigi
Violentango,Libertango, Ave Maria
Sahran F.Five Pieces For Viola And Orchestra
Schnittke A.Concerto For Viola And Orchestra
Stamitz J.V.Concerto In G Major For Viola And Orchestra
Schubert J.Concerto In C Major For Viola And Orchestra, D 345
Stamitz C.Concerto In B Major For Viola And Orchestra
Svete T.Concerto For Viola And Orchestra Dedicated To Jitka Hosprová
Telemann G.F.Concerto In G Major For Viola And Orchestra
Vejvoda J.Paraphrase For Viola And Chamber Orchestra Dedicated To Hosprová
Viklický E.Par Pondus For Viola And Jazz Big Band
Vivaldi A.Concerto – In D Minor For Viola, Guitar And Strings , Rv540
Weber C.M.Andante A Rondo Ungarese For Viola And Strings

Viola solo

Bach J. S.Chromatic Fantasy D Minorsuita No. 1 G Major, Bwv 1071
Suita No. 5 C Minor, Bwv 1011
Bořkovec P.Sonata For Viola Solo Op 12
Bodorová S.Gilav Rome Meditation For Viola Solo (Sing Gipsy)
Hindemith P.Sonata No. 5, Op. 11Sonata Op. 25
Kimlička M.Rubato And Agitato For Viola Solo
Klusák J.Partitamonologue For Viola Solo – Ubi Vult
Lukáš Z.Sonáta For Viola Solo
Klein G.Preludium For Viola Solo
Matys J.Monologs For Solo Viola
Reger M.Suita G Minor, Op. 131
Suita E Minor, Op. 131
Suita D Major, Op. 131
Rolla A.Capriccio G Major
Slavický K.Rhapsody For Viola Solo
Strawinsky I.Elégie For Viola Solo
Smolka J.The Mist Of Depression
Vycpálek L.Suite For Viola Solo Op. 21
Wieuxtemps H.Capriccio C Minor

Viola and piano

Brahms J.Sonata F Minor, Op. 120
Bridge F.Allegro Appassionatopensiero
Britten B.Lachrymae, Op. 48
Clarke R.Sonatamorpheus I`ll Bit My Heart To Be Stolen
Connesson G.Constellations
Franck C.Sonata A Major
Hindemith P.Fantazie No. 4, Op. 11
Honegger A.Sonata For Viola And Piano
Lukáš Z.Canto Appassionato
Martinů B.Sonata No. 1 For Viola And Piano
Mozart W.A.Sonata E Minor
Milhaud D.Four Portraits For Viola And Pianoscaramouche
Paganini N.Sonata Per La Grand Viola G Majorla Campanella
Pärt A.Fratresspiegel Im Spiegel
Piazzolla A.Violentangolibertango
Prokofjev S.Romeo And Juliet Op. 64
Ravel M.Pavane For Dead Princess
Schubert F.Sonata A Minor ,,Arpeggione “, D 821
Schumann C.Three Romances For Viola And Piano, Op. 22
Scumann R.Märchenbilder, Op. 113
Skoumal A.Variations On Gypsy Melody
Stamitz C.Sonata In B Flat Major
Shostakovich D.Sonata For Viola And Piano Op. 147
Vaňhal J.B.Sonata E Flat Major

Viola and harp

Bax A.Fantasy Sonata For Viola And Harp
Debussy C.Romancebeau Soir Prelud
Eccles H.Sonata G Minor
Faure G.Apres Un Reve Op 7, No 1.
Kreisler F.Sicilienne And Rigaudon
Lukáš Z.Duo Hosprenglico
Marais M.Five Old French Dance
Mendelssohn F.Preludium For Viola And Harp
Monti V.Czardas
Paganini N.Sonata Per La Grand Viola
Porter Q.Duo For Viola And Harp
Ravel M.Pavane For Dead Princesshabanera

Viola and cembalo

Bach J.S.Three Sonatasbwv 1027
Bwv 1028
Bwv 1029
Corelli A.Sonata Op. 5, No. 7.
Sonata Op. 5, No. 7.Sonata G Minor
Hayden J. M.Concerto For Viola, Cembalo And Strings
Lukáš Z.Meditation – Rondo Op. 128
Marais M.Five Old French Dancessuite D Major

Viola and guitar

Carulli F.Dvě Dua Op. 137
Faure G.Apres Un Reve C Minor Op. 7, No. 1
Glazunov AŠpanělská Serenáda
Kaps H. J.Scheherasáda
Kreisler F.Sicilienne , Rigaudon
Piazzolla A.Historie Tanga
Pujól M.Suita Buenos Aires
Ravel M.Habanera
Rimskij KorsakovLet Čmeláka
Schubert F.Sonata A Moll “ Arpeggione“ , D 821
Telemann G. Ph.Sonata A Moll
Paganini. NSonata Per La Grand Viola

Viola and violin

Bach J.S.Three Sonatasbwv 1027
Bwv 1028
Bwv 1029
Benda J.A.Adagio
Gemrot J.Meditation For Viola And Organ
Hayden J.M.Concerto For Viola, Organ And Strings
Marais M.Five Old French Dances

Viola and organ

Busch A.Suite For Violin And Viola
Halvorsen J.Passacaglia
Klein G.Duo For Violin And Viola
Lukáš Z.Divertimento For Violin A And Viola
Martinů B.Three Madrigals For Violin And Viola
Mozart W. A.Duo No 1., K 423Duo No 2., K 424
Rolla A.Duo Concertant C Major Op.4 No. 2.

Two violas

Bridge F.Lament
Rolla A.Three Duos For Two Violas

Trio viola, harp and flute

Bax A.Elegia Trio
Beethoven L.Serenade Op. 25
Debussy C.Sonata L. 137
Handel G. F.Sonata G Minor
Ibert J.Two Interludes
Jolivet A.Petit Suit
Moreno BuendinaSuite Popolare Spagnola
Mozatr W. A.Sonata For Trio (D`anntalffy)
Ravel M.Sonatine For Trio
Telemann G. Ph.Sonate A Minor

Trio viola, guitar and flute

Matiegka W.Grand Trionotturno Op. 21
MolinoTrio, Op. 45

Viola, soprano and piano

Dvořák A.Biblical Songsgypsy Melodies Op. 55
Foerster J. B.Music In The Soul, The End
Franck C.Panis Angelicus
Kalman E.Arie Of Sylva
Křička J.First Loves – Songs
Smolka J.Three Songs With Viola

Viola and alto

Eben P.Písně Nelaskavé
Brahms J.Two Songs For Alt, Viola And Piano

Viola, mezzosoprano and piano

Dvořák A.Gypsy Melodies Op.55The Biblical Songs
Hanzlik P.The Garden Of Love
Martinů B.Songs On One Page


Beethoven L.Strings Q. B Major, Č. 6, Op 18
Dvořák A.Strings Q. G Major, Op. 106
Husa K.Variations For Violin, Viola, Cello And Piano
Haas P.Strings Q. „From The Monkey Mountains“
Janáček L.Strings Q. No. 1
Smetana B.Strings Q. No. 1 „From My Life“


Bruckner A.Strings Q. In F Major
Caplet A.Quintet For Harp And Strings
Dvořák A.Strings Q. E Flat Major, Op. 97Piano Q. Amajor, Op. 81
Mozart W. A.Stings Q. G Minor, Kv 516Strings Q. C Major , Kv 515
Schubert F.Strings Q. C Major, D 956


Brahms J.String Sextet Op. 18
Dvořák A.String Sextet A Major , Op. 48
Schoenberg A.Transfigured Night – String Sextet Op.4